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Springtails (Order Collembola) are very small insects, usually 1 to 2 mm in length.  The tiny, jumping insects usually show up in the hundreds.  When they enter a building it can be very upsetting.  They are often mistaken for mites or fleas, however they don't cause damage, don't bite, and don't fly. 

Springtails are actually a common soil insect and are widely distributed.  They mostly feed on algae, fungi, spores, pollen, and decaying matter.  It is noteworthy that Springtails are not known to transmit human disease.  When they infest a home it is usually in search of moisture, and you will likely find them around the kitchen and bathrooms.  We get calls from people who find thousands of them on an exterior stucco wall as the weather heats up.


What can you do to prevent or control Springtails? 

  • Look for excess moisture conditions, water leaks and excessive humidity will attract Springtails during times of dry weather.  Repair water leaks and moisture problems, removing any wet or moldy items.
  • Allow soil in potted plants and garden beds to dry between watering.
  • Look around the structure for debris such as piles of weeds, leaves, mulch, wood, etc. that may be decomposing.  Yard debris should be removed from around the house and yard or moved as far away as possible.  Eliminating their habitat is the best treatment for long term control.
  • Maintain a clear dry perimeter around your home.  This will help control a variety of pests including Springtails.
  • If Springtails are entering your home you may need a perimeter treatment performed with an EPA registered pesticide.  A single treatment can be very effective in control of Springtails.
  • If you are not certain what pest you are dealing with or think you may have fleas, mites, termites or some other pest you should try to trap a sample of the pest with tape, a sticky trap or in a container.  Have a pest control company like Hi Valley Termite & Pest Control identify the pest for you.  Effective treatment plans start with a proper identification of the pest.
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