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The Sun Spider

Also known as a wind scorpion or solpugid.  These guys look a little scary but don't have any poison in their bite.  They are actually quite beneficial eating a wide variety of other insects.  They range from .5 inch to 1.5 inches in size and are found abundantly in the high desert area of Southern California. 

The pedipalp, or first pair of arms, are slender and do not have pincers, different than scorpions. These arms are used to hold prey. The first true pair of legs are longer than the others and are used as feelers. The last three pair of legs are used for walking and running.

The females lay about 50 eggs in a burrow dug into the soil (pictured in this video is a female digging her burrow). She then guards the burrow until the young hatch.  Sun spiders are most active at night but can be found moving around in the day.

You may find one of these in your home, because they do wonder in from time to time under poor fitting doors, or other small cracks and crevices, but they are a solitary insect and are not normally a pest.





Tarantulas live in solitude and are typically not a pest.  They are large and covered with hair.  This tarantula is scared and putting forth its most fearsome behavior.  They do have a mild venom and a very painful bite.
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